San Galgano Abbey

Spectacular Tuscany Countryside

the sky in the abbey.Cristina and Adam chose to plan a destination wedding in the spectacular Tuscany setting. Love, nature and elegance were the details of their Italian wedding.

They wanted to celebrate their love in the aim of Tuscany and attended the civil rite in one of the most characteristic place: San Galgano Abbey.
It is an Abbey which emphasize its architectural beauty in fact it is so beautiful because it does not have the roof, it is an open-air church where architectural structure, sky and nature melt themselves.

Adam and Cristina were a happy couple and their smiles and their love was so powerful to decorate the whole day.

They showed their elegant and smart personality in every behave they had. After some shoots in the pure and uncontaminated Tuscany they marked their love with an outdoor wedding reception dinner in a beautiful venue next to the Abbey.

And obviously it cannot miss drinks, lights and music to have fun together on the dance floor. That day was so perfect thanks to Cristina and Adam which trusted in DAMA Wedding, as a destination wedding planner, for planning and coordinating suppliers without any stress, just enjoying the day.

They enjoyed the dinner and the view on the Tuscan lands and at the end newlyweds changed their role in pastry chefs making their own wedding cake: a tasty, handmade and special millefeuille cake.

A special thanks to Qualcosa di Blu for the amazing photos



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